difference--the answer in subtracting: 1-1=0

perimeter--distance around a shape

product--answer in a multiplication problem: 10x5=50

Venn diagram--two (or more) overlapping circles, used for showing how things are the
same and different

segment--a line part with points at both ends

point--a dot on a grid; a location on a grid; something that ends a segment

set--a group of data; data is information, things you have recorded; numbers

mixed number--3 1/4 a fraction with a whole number

ray--line with a point at one end and an arrow at the other; it goes on forever in the direction of the arrow

compatible numbers--a close number; for instance, 17+2=19; 20 would be a compatible number; handy for estimation

estimate--close to or a guess at the number

improper fractions--the top number is higher than the bottom number; 10/7 (should be 1 3/7)

radius--a line from the center of a circle to the perimeter (so a radius measures halfway across the circle)

ratio--1:3; 1 to 3; 1/3 percents/fractions written in a different way; compare two numbers to each other

line--segment with an arrow at each end; it goes on forever in BOTH directions

quotient--the answer when you divide; 12/6=2

sum--the answer in addition; 5+6=11