John McCain
Barack Obama
Ralph Nader
wrote a book on auto safety; created 100 different interest groups
government should stop helping those who make fossil fuels (gasoline, natural gas, etc.)
people should be able to choose their own hospitals/doctors and have a national health insurance plan

Jeff Merkley:
jobs: was Speaker of the Oregon House of Rep.s; Director of Oregon Habitat for Humanity
wants to create jobs by cutting taxes on middle class and ending unfair trade deals
Supports Barack Obama's jobs plan; wants to help fund renewable energy to stop climate change

Gordon Smith
used to work @ Smith Frozen Foods; went to BYU
current U.S. Senator since 1997; was President of OR State Senate
"There is too much partisanship." He wants to work well with others in Congress.
For tax cuts, small business and home buying. No tax increases.
He wants us to look at what he's done in Congress.
Wants to make health care affordable. Invest in renewable energy & reward conservation.

David Brownlow
says everybody deserves health care, but he does not think government should provide it.
says we should find other energy sources besides gasoline

U.S. Representative, District 5
Kurt Schrader--Democrat
will work to contain costs and give everybody health care

Mike Erickson--Republican

Measure 56
for: It gets rid of double majority rule for voting on property. it helps w/ a balanced budget; without it, it will hurt programs like education and stuff.
against: it would make it easier to pass tax laws; we don't want to pay more. We've already voted on it 3 times before. Could cause higher rents because landlords will have to pay more taxes and will raise rent to pay for it. Before the double majority, taxes were easy to get passed and could be again if this passes.

Measure 57
for: Will help the elderly by punishing those who steal from them more severely. Increases sentences for drug selling, identity thefts against the elderly and gives drug treatment for certain criminals. Helps drug users stop using drugs.
against: Allows probation for lots of criminals; it doesn't punish people enough for some crimes. Doesn't punish those who commit property or drug crimes enough. Sentences could still be shortened for good behavior, etc. Current sentencing is okay, and this will cost WAY more to do.

Measure 58
for: We all speak English. Children are being failed; they have to take tests in English. Students want to speak English for school & jobs. Schools will save money; they are now putting off English teaching so they can get more $$$.
against: Keeps teachers from teaching students in their own language. Limits teaching students in their own language.

Measure 60
for: gets rid of really bad teachers who don't care about their students; Teacher pay is based on classroom performance. If teaching staff get fired, they won't be able to be hired in another school.
against: based on test scores kids get, not on the teachers themselves; not all schools have the same kind of students. Unfair to teachers and students; teachers of students with any thing like special needs, or social problems could be punished.

Measure 61
for: requires mandatory minimum prison terms for identity theft; 1st burglary; class a felonies; meth, and other drug crimes
against: will cost a lot of tax money; that will affect other government programs. Doesn't force drug users into treatment.